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Devdas - Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Devdas - Sanjay Leela BhansaliTitre original: Devdas
Origine: iNDE
Sortie: 2002
Réalisateur: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Scénariste: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Genre: Drame, Musical
Durée: 165 mn
Festival: En sélection hors compétition au 55e festival du film de Cannes 2002
Devdas est le troisième film de Sanjay Leela Bhansali


Evdas is the story of a love beyond all else...even life.

The saga of a man called Devdas who loved,loved and just loved...

Devdas shared a magnetic childhood with his lovely playmate Paro where supreme love was felt before it was understood. When youth beckoned, the loved intensified. But, alas, a fateful moment of weakness on the part of Devdas created a permanent wall of seperation between him and his beloved Paro. On one side of the wall was a heartbroken Paro who became the wife of another. And on the other, was a completely shattered Devdas.


 Casting - Fiche Artistique


Shahrukh Khan ..... Devdas
Madhuri Dixit..... Chandramukhi
Aishwarya Rai...... Parvati
Jackie Shroff..... Chunnilal
Kiron Kher...... Sumitra
Smita Jaykar..... Kaushalya
Vijayendra Ghatge...... Bhuvan Choudhry
Ananya Khare...... Kumud  


film Devdas 2002     = nHassan : from France excellent, fantastic, wonderful, magic.I think that the indians must to make more films as devdas or others because tht it is a good food for the soul for this new century.The indians can to do it .That it is their traditions and culture.They touch the deep of soul.We need it,very.Renew your sucess for our bigger pleasure and thank you very much for the excellent moment of sensibility.

film Devdas 2002     =Shahrukh is my favorite Hindustani actor. He's one of the best i know. And i think that he deserves more then just an award. He's to good for that. KIzzzz Radha Lachmansingh febuary the 12th Les Pays-Bas Fevrier 2003 

film Devdas 2002     =mon avis sur ce film : il est super,l'un des meilleur film ke g pu voir et en + les acteurs,tro bien koi,surtout shahrukh khan et ashwarya rai bon voila @+

dead.kisss/france/ Janvier 2003 film Devdas      =shahrukh is the best,, he deserve more than award,, he is the best in 2002 for devdas, i agree on that.

zeinab, denmark Janvier 2003 film Devdas    =salut a tout le monde a mon avie shahrukh khan est le meilleur acteur dans le monde aussi devdas l'un des plus succes indian film  n'oublier pas l'actrice madhuri dixit eu aishwaria ray.Janvier 2003

hi eveyy body in my opinion i think that devdas is one of the greatest bollywood movie and one personne in this word make it wonderful he is shahrukh khan the badshah in not just bollywood but oslo in hollywood and in all around the world.
 i d'ont forget aishwaria ray and madhuri and olso the bigest derector sanjay leila

Aghroud mohamed 44100 essaouira MOROCCOJanvier 2002

film Devdas 2002     =I love this film b/c it was superb and shahrukh was superb too he is really no 1 and he deserves award for this

film 2002 octobre Devdas 2002 = boutayna from morocco i think:devdas is an exellent film and no one can play the role of devdas like sharukh khan,he was exellent.sharukh khan is the best actor of india.Seprembre 2002

Devdas = im redouane from algeria
isee devdas the best film of the world and shahrukh khan is the best new hindi film is n1